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It is crucial to attend a bi-annual appointment at your dental office for a professional examination and cleaning. A dental cleaning helps eliminate calcified plaque, which brushing and flossing cannot remove, from our teeth and gums. Gum-related issues are primarily due to hardened deposits forming around soft oral tissue and causing inflammation. 

Dr. Linda Le administers standard cleanings for patients with minor periodontal issues as a proactive service. Additionally, we perform deep cleanings for patients in Tracy and surrounding communities that experience gum disease often. Scaling and root planing therapies performed during deep cleaning results in a much healthier oral structure over time.

Scaling and Root Planing

An ultrasonic scaling device gently removes hardened plaque, called tartar, stuck to the surface of our teeth through our diets and natural bacteria. Areas beneath the gum line are targeted because this section is hardest to address with standard cleaning tools, like a toothbrush. The process breaks up the calcification before rinsing away the contamination and allowing roots to heal correctly.

Periodontal planing refers to the removal of infected tooth structure and the smoothing of uneven root surfaces. Planing helps to boost the efficiency of scaling. 

Stop Issues Before They Develop

When a gum line has receded from the tooth root, the tissue is gone for good and requires a referred specialist to recommend surgical treatment. Our office can address light to moderate periodontal issues through professionally cleaning teeth roots, preventing your periodontal health from reaching the point of surgical intervention. Linda Le, DDS is up to date on the latest methods involved with gum care and can directly help or at least refer you to a trusted local specialist.  

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Dr. Linda Le offers periodontal cleaning options for our patients at West Valley Care whenever possible. We enjoy working closely with patients to build an all-around healthy smile. Schedule an appointment today and find out if a deep cleaning can help your smile!

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