I’ve been seeing Dr. Le for over 10 years! She’s wonderful!


Dr. Le is the best, her office is clean & her staff is very friendly. Once you are seated into your chair, everything is done there. No having to go back to the waiting room after x-rays. They are thorough & fast. The best!


Dr. Le did a crown for me and it fit so perfectly, you cannot tell it is not one of my own teeth! I am so happy with her care that I continue coming to see her even though I have moved from Tracy to Patterson. I am 55 yrs. old and have kept my oral health in great shape under her care. I completely trust her and recommend her to anyone my age that wants to maintain great oral health! Also, her staff is wonderful! Very professional and genuinely friendly. They make going to the dentist a pleasant experience! Thank you WVD!


West Valley Dental is a great place for comfortable dental care. If there is one thing I look for in a dentist, it's someone whose judgment you can trust: Dr. Linda Le has that. Dr. Le is such an easy person to talk to and is really funny. More importantly, she goes above and beyond caring for your teeth. She explains everything clearly and I never feel discouraged to ask questions. Her staff are also knowledgable, help keep up an environment that is friendly/professional, and most importantly for me, they are not intimidating. Even if you don't floss/brush, they encourage you to care for yourself without belittling you. The office itself is also nice and clean. The location has easy to find parking. And the temperature is just right, not too cold or hot. I recommend this office to anyone interested in finding the right place to help care for their own oral health!


This is the best dental place ever. They were able to get me in so quickly, and out of pain. Family friendly and not afraid, totally relaxed having my teeth worked on. Linda is the best Dentist, love her.

Terry A.

My dental experience here at west valley dental has been amazing so far. Both the staff and the doctor (Dr. Le) are so kind and friendly. Personally I have a fear of shots so when I heard I had to get a shot to numb my gums for a filling, I absolutely FREAKED out. Dr. Le and her team were so quick to comfort me with kind words. In the end, I didn’t feel anything! Overall I think West Valley Dental has given me the best dental experience and I highly doubt that I will stop seeing Dr. Le and her team anytime soon.

Nicole M.

Dr. Le is the best dentist I have been to. I have been going there for two years now. The staff is professional and friendly. They also just recently moved into a brand new office building. I would recommend Dr. Le to anyone.


West Valley Dental has a very friendly and professional staff. The doctors and staff make my children feel very comfortable and safe.


Dr. Le is a very excellent doctor. I needed a root canal and she was able to do it in one visit. I was very apprehensive at first but she explained everything to me and even showed me a video. She allayed my fears and I did not even know when she was done with my root canal. I didn't feel a thing. She is wonderful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has a dental phobia.


The West Valley Dental doctors and staff are awesome. My son got his teeth knocked out in a wrestling tournament and they were able to squeeze him in the same hour that I called. They managed to calm my son (and me) down and was able to extract the tooth. My son did not feel a thing! He went back to school within the same hour and I went back to work. The next day he received his stayplate. Thank you for all you've done for us.


20 years ago I moved to Tracy and needed to find a new dentist. The first 5 years I went through 5-6 different dentist. I then went to West Valley Dental about 15 years ago to have an emergency root canal done. That was the first time I met Dr. Linda Lee and was very impressed by both her professionalism as a dentist as well as a person who showed compassion and personality that I look for in my dentist. Through the past 15 years, Dr. Lee and her staff have provided me with exceptional dental services. The office environment is very pleasant and well organized. The office works as a team and I have never needed to wait long (15 minutes usually) and have been given amble information on my procedures as well as billing. I highly recommend WEST VALLEY DENTAL for any ones dental needs.

George W, Tracy

I highly recommend Dr. Le. My husband and I have been having out dental work here for the past 11 years and it has been a great experience. She and her staff are very experienced and have taken very good care of our oral health!

Cheryl Christensen 5/7/2018

I am a patient of Dr. Le, the best dentist in Tracy, for couple of years now. I am very pleased and happy to receive excellent dental care in every visit. Dr. Le is such an adorable and kind person, plus she has a great sense of humor! She is very gentle, and she will make you comfortable and at ease whenever she examines or treats you. The dental staff (esp. Imelda and Nicole) are very friendly, professional, and attentive to your needs. The best part of every visit is when I am being respected as a person (more so like a family member) and being treated well. That's the greatest experience that will last forever! Thank you, Dr. Le, and all the WVD Practice staff for making me have a great smile each day!

Aurora E., Tracy, Ca