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Taking the time to communicate with our patients and getting to know them offers a significant advantage when administering dental treatment. At West Valley Dental, our priority will and always has been our patients as well as delivering the best possible care we can to entire families. Dr. Linda Le is an experienced dentist who loves helping people of all ages overcome and treat oral issues. If complications cannot be addressed ourselves, we readily recommend a trusted specialist that can provide you with the dental services you need. 

Our Treatments and Techniques Include

Cleanings are the base for any healthy smile. They involve professionally removing damaging substances from teeth.

Fillings include minimally invasive procedures to address cavities and small chips by applying durable, tooth-colored composite materials.

Crowns efficiently cap and seal a tooth with deep staining, infected surfaces, or minor fractures after cleaning the area.

Root Canal Therapy is a beneficial procedure that involves the removal of a damaged interior section of a tooth, called the pulp.  It is designed to save an afflicted tooth as much as possible. 

Everyone is Unique

At West Valley Dental, we use our years of expertise to approach each patient as an individual having a distinct set of needs. Customized care ultimately results in better oral health for patients both young and old. 

Younger patients benefit from less invasive care until their adult set of teeth has emerged. Patients with stronger developed teeth require an entirely different approach to their issues that involve carefully-planned restorations. Regardless of age or condition, you can rest assured our treatment is personalized to address your unique smile each step of the way. 

Cavities Free Kids Club

Each child who visits us for their scheduled check-up and cleaning, and shows no sign of cavities is entered into a drawing to receive a fun prize. Education of children and their patients is crucial to achieving optimal oral health for the entire family. Dr. Le likes to be involved and provide incentives for her younger patients in hopes of that those same patients carrying good oral hygiene habits into adulthood.

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Dr. Linda Le is here to help her patients achieve better oral hygiene through patient communication and education. Our entire team works with you and enjoys providing the necessary cosmetic and restorative procedures you need according to budget and current health. Set up your appointment today with West Valley Dental. We look forward to helping preserve you and your loved ones’ smiles. 

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